Zenit Journals

image of 2 Zenit Journals, one journal closed laying on top of the other opened

Zenit offers the very best journals out there! You can personalize everything and really get a journal that will help you be the very best you can be! For people struggling with self-care, Zenit Journals are your personalized tool to move forward in your wellness journey with love and ease.

First off, you can choose the design of the cover. With over 25 different designs, you will surely find something that fits your taste. Then you choose the front cover page mantra that will inspire and motivate you every day. Once that is done, you can choose between three different page types (lined, online, or dot grid), the layout of the pages, the type of prompts that will be printed on the top or midway down the pages, corner goodies like a quote, mood trackers, date or bookmark stars. And to top it all off, you can have sections in your personalized Zenit Journal! And should you have any special requests, the sky is the limit! Your Zenit Journal is made just for you. And that for only $44.00!

Zenit journals are 5″ x 8.5″ and have 200 soothing cream-colored pages. They are hard-cover for durability and a premium look and feel. All journals are handmade and hand-bound, allowing journals to fully lay flat when open. The lay-flat binding of these self-care journals makes it easier and more comfortable to write or draw in them. They also feature a satin ribbon bookmark and a pen holder, making it easier to journal whenever inspiration strikes, or whenever you need to take a moment to vent or process your thoughts, feelings, and experiences.

With Zenit, YOU choose everything in your journal, so it’s personalized to your needs and goals. Create your personalized journal today!