Zucker’s Bagels – New York City’s Real Bagels

In a bit of a paradox, I’m going to cover the story without covering the story. Like the Internet meme, tell me about this without telling me about this.

So I will tell you about Zucker‘s bagels without explicitly telling you my opinion about Zucker’s bagels.

When we entered the hotel, we chatted with the staff, and they asked us where we were getting breakfast. When we mentioned Zucker’s two of the people who work there exclaimed that Zucker’s is the best. One worker overheard and asked if we could pick him up some Zucker’s.

When we entered the store, the line was visibly out the door. It was not a busy time in particular, and the line was exceptionally long. People were quite eager to get their bagels.

While figuring out our order, people commented whether we were making a perfect choice. There were strong opinions and strong suggestions by the restaurant patrons showing their dedication and love.

Making a choice here is not easy. Zucker’s offers 17 different bagels as well as gluten-free, vegan bagels. There are at least 12 flavors of cream cheese and tofu spreads. Last but not least, 14 types of smoked fish. You can combine any of the above or choose from their signature sandwiches.

No, I’m not going to say outright whether these were amazing bagels or not but let the above anecdotes tell the story.