Piccola Cucina Osteria Siciliana Review

Piccola Cucina Osteria Siciliana is quite a name with an accurate description. In Italian, piccola cucina means small kitchen. An osteria is typically a small place with simple and excellent food. In this case, the restaurant is in Soho and serves excellent Sicilian food in a small and charming dining room.

Everything that happens in the kitchen is only inches away from you. This place is for the foodie who wants to experience every aspect of the meal. This is for the foodie who has had Italian food quite a few times and really wants to take things to another level and place.

The dining room itself has the intimacy to hear others’ comments about the food. The tables are just next to you and recommendations are going back and forth. It becomes a communal experience. There is the noise of the kitchen and the servers and it definitely provides an overall feeling of being an intimate part of the experience.

The food is prepared not only at a different level but with a little bit extra. The Maccheroni ala Norma was absolutely delicious. We had another pasta dish with Langostino lobster on top. One of our favorites was the stuffed zucchini flowers.

What you get next when you combine both intimacy as well as this culinary next level is their tiramisu. Your server comes tableside with all of the ingredients and prepares the tiramisu exactly as you like it. There is literally nothing fresher than tableside and having a tiramisu prepared like this is an exceptional experience. If you are a foodie then this experience is definitely for you.