I hate Ordering Flowers – Lively Root sells Plants

I personally hate the premise of sending flowers to people. Mostly because it just feels like I’m mailing them potential garbage. Sure, it’s not garbage now, but eventually, the flowers will rot and we will all feel sad and cry.

Generally speaking, that’s my experience 99% of the time whenever I get flowers in the mail. I have a mess of smelly flowers and a sad household.
What I liked about Lively Root was the idea that well it sells live plants. That’s sorta in the name. These are plants that ship alive and they have a 30 day guarantee.

Plus, what’s kinda cool is that they label each of the plants based on what they’re good for. These are great for house with low light or people who like to water.

I’m not sure if this idea will catch on and we will stop mailing people potential garbage, but I’m hoping that’s the case. I’m hoping that people catch on and stop mailing cut flowers but in fact mail things that might potentially do well one day and survive and be a constant reminder of how awesome I am!

Feel free to check out Lively Root as they’re also running some specials right now which might be quite interesting.

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