3 Great Self Improvement Books

I worry about my teens pretty much everyday.  Social media and the phones really put us in a difficult situation where we overthink everything; what we are doing, when and how.

These three books came in and my daughter and I went through two of them together.  I then explored the third one and reiterated some of the important highlights.  Such awesome coverage to keep you on track and away from negative “down the rabbit hole” influence.

Re:Invent Your Life:  This great book by Kathi Sharpe-Ross helps you get on track with what you really want do and adds in the inspiration to do so.  Power tools are inside like how to let go of your fear,  that change is ok, how to get rid of the excuses and so much more.  I truly enjoyed reading a few pages after a long day at work.  You NEED to check this book out!

Everything You Need To Ace Biology In One Big Fat Notebook; ok this book that was fact checked by teachers is truly essential this year.  All these kids and their learning was caught so off guard by Covid-19 and quarantining.  The book includes the entire high school course and divides it into useful units so there is zero overwhelming topics.  If you adore this book like we did they also offer other courses like Geometry and Chemistry.

You Don’t Have To Be Everything (Poems for Girls Becoming Themselves):  ok this one…actually is music to my ears.  The teenage girl drama is simply ridiculous and exhausting.  Author Diana Whitney brings us a great collection of works from poets who are honest and not afraid to share their feelings of loneliness, joy, humor, attitude and so much more.  The book includes poets of a diverse racial background as well as LGBTQ making this a great gift for every family!  I will have this book in my family library FOREVER!

Check these amazing books out with your family!