Cask and Kettle – Drinks for Your Pod Machine

So these days we are always in a rush; always on the go.  No time for traditional anything – this is why we are all loving/addicted to the “pod” coffee machines.  Who the heck has time for brewing and steeping???!!!  I basically bought my machine, stocked my favorite brand pods and never, ever looked back.

I was just asked to try out amazing hot cocktail pods from Cask & Kettle.  Yup; you heard me correctly.  These are ready to brew hot cocktails that can be ready in a minute.  Each cocktail contains approximately 1 oz. of high-quality distilled spirits, coffee and tea.  You get 5 pods per package (this is perfect for your next ladies night)!

I have to tell you I was treated to all of their options and each one I’ve tried so far are pretty fabulous.  The Mexican Coffee is by far my favorite (this is vodka, tequila, coffee, caramel color).  Hot Blond Coffee is vodka, coffee, vanilla, caramel color – so delicious!  Irish Coffee; the hubby’s favorite is vodka, Irish whiskey and coffee.  Mint Patty Coffee is very refreshing and includes vodka, coffee, mint, caramel color.  We haven’t tried their Spiked Dry Cider yet (vodka, cider, natural flavors) but this will be your absolute go-to for the fall, crisp air.

This couldn’t be easier – you purchase online and they arrive at your door.  This is also my new gift when I go to someone’s house!  So different!  Check out their great recipes also if you are looking to take the pods another step further!  Irish Coffee Frosting here I come!