New Beauty Products You MUST Try!

We are all pampering ourselves at home now more than ever so why not try some new products!  Check these out and maybe make them part of your collection:

Barbari Herbals: these are great food-grade herbal products safe for smoking, steeping and burning.  Airplane Mode ($23) is this great euphoric blend of blue lotus, rose petals and lavender to get rid of the day and all you anxiety.  Muse ($23) is a great way to start your day with jasmin, peppermint and raspberry – I like this one for when I need an energy boost.  Car Sex ($23) will have you impulsive with white sage, lions tail and raspberry.  These are all safe to smoke, sip or smolder.

SHINYALab Probiogenic: This is a great daily supplement to improve your mood and immune system.  What could be better at a time like this.  This is a Japanese blend known to “maintain gut health through bacterial balance”.  These are Non-GMO, gluten free, vegan friendly, plant based and made right here in the USA.  You will feel better and have a healthier belly!  Cost is about $50 for 60 capsules.

CTZN Gold: These are cosmetics that flatter all skin tones and require very little work!  They are cruelty free, 100% vegan, easy to apply and last a long time!  You can apply the eye shimmer or lipshade with your finger or a brush!  Perfect for on the go situations!  I have their gold eye shimmer and it really does add to my face and brighten my outlook on the day!  The cost is $25 and worth every penny for a pretty look that is almost no work at all!

HoneyDipped Essentials: These are amazing all-natural, handmade skin products.  They offer body creme, bath soaks, soaps, body oil bars and more!  I personally adore their Body Oil Bar ($33) that is milk and honey meets rose, wildflower, white tea and lavendar.  All you do is apply the bar to your body where it needs softening and allow it to absorb into your skin.

ZAAINA Beauty Products: these are clean skincare that is handcrafted and contain simple yet effective ingredients.  The Heel Balm ($13) is amazing; the total solution if you suffer from dry, cracked feet.  Get working on them now before the summer shoes come around!  Face soaps (charcoal, dead sea mud, grapefruit calendula, lavender lemongrass) contain essential oils and herbs.  Great lather without all the drying agents that other soaps cause.  Their lip balms are my favorite ($4).  These moisturize and soften and taste pretty yummy.

Vedic Botanicals: I’ve talked about these awesome products before.  All made with Ayurvedic herbs that balance your body and treat what ails you.  You are in great hands here!  Easy Breathe Balm ($18) is great when you are suffering from cold symptoms.  Apply to your chest, neck, nostrils, hands and feet for better breathing! Balancing Body Mist ($22) is my favorite to get through the crazy work day.  Just spray for a refreshing pick me up.  I have Loire Blend which is lemon, grapefruit, lavender, sage and rosemary.

Aqueous Skin Crush: This is a full spectrum facial mist and body spray ($25).  It contains Nano Hemp Oil Extract and is great to reduce irritation, redness, dryness and wrinkles.  Easy to use; just spray after your shower.  You will adore this!

Perfect Image Glycolic Gel Peel: these products are the absolute best for a peel at home safe for daily use.  They come in different strengths but I am so happy with the 10%.  This is penetrating my skin to reduce wrinkles and all signs of aging.  It also improves skin hydration at a time we are all scrubbing ourselves like crazy.  Simple to use; clean face, apply peel with gauze or cotton pad, leave on for about a minute and then remove with cool water.  The company offers cleansers and moisturizers as well!