Tiny Organics

I’m not entirely sure where Tiny Organics has been my entire life as a mother but holy cow are these amazing.  This is ready to eat baby and toddler meals delivered right to your front door.  That means if you have a baby 6 months to a toddler of 3 years you are in for a lot more time to spend playing with them instead of being at the stove.  Now my problem with most jarred baby foods was that I felt like they had additives or weren’t “fresh”.  Not the case with these; they are 100% Organic, Non-GMO and totally plant-based which I love.

They are made fresh and shipped frozen.  You have zero preparation to do and they are ready for the high chair tray in seconds.  You literally go online and build your baby/toddler’s meal plan and that is pretty much the end of your work.  I could not believe the choices – amazing quinoa with kale options, “mini-strone” is a fan favorite over here.  The baby burrito bowl is super cute; oatmeal options smell so yummy that I wanted a bite or two.  Don’t forget these are full of vitamins and free of preservatives too.  I have to add that I was so impressed about the new food items my little guy is eating that he would have never tried before.  Beets??!! Yup, that is a new favorite over here.

Check them out!