5 Great CBD-Hemp Product Lines To Start The New Year Off Right!

Ladies and Gentlemen – I have some awesome CBD/Hemp products we have been putting to the test to share with you.  Start off 2022 in a better place by checking them out:

Chillax’N CBD: I am eliminating stress and becoming less tense!  Their Premium CBD Cream is 100% USA farmed Hemp.  It is working wonders for my husband and his aching joints.  He said it calms down what is inflamed so he can still be active and do what he wants/has to do.  Cost is $29.99 for 2.5oz; strength is 200mg.  I like their CBD Reed Diffuser ($24.99) in my office to keep me chill all day.  The vanilla scent is super inviting and will also help you sleep at night!

Papa & Barkley CBD: this company has AWESOME balms/drops/supplements.  Their CBD Releaf Body Oil ($39.99) absorbs really quickly and calms and relaxes your stressed out skin.  Perfect for joint discomfort and recovery after a workout.  Their CBD Releaf Drops ($34.99) is my new best friend.  One quick drop under your tongue as needed and I am good to go with everyday stress and can get a good night’s sleep.

Receptra Naturals: these products are made with the overwhelmed and overthinkers in mind.  They mean me.  If you juggle a million balls in the air at once these products are for you.  Seriously Relax Gel Capsules ($69.99) are these amazing 25mg supplements that will help you get through your day.  They are for daytime and keep you calm and collected as you take on your crazy busy day.  Seriously Relax + Lavender Tincture ($41.99-$134.99) are great drops that are 25mg and also have lavender, limonene, passionflower and line/ginger.  They will relax your overworked brain so can rest.  These are for nighttime (one dropper before bed).

Extract Labs: This company is truly inspiring as their founder started out by his want to help fellow veterans heal and cope with their combat-induced trama.  I cannot say enough good things about their CBN Gummies ($69.00).  These are the perfect bedtime treat.  Flavors in bag include apple, blue raspberry and lime.  You get 30 per bag and they are 10mg CBN/30mg CBD per gummy.  All natural and vegan/gluten free.  They are a MUST in my bedside table drawer.  ch

chil wellness: I have told you guys about this amazing company before and simply MUST tell you about them again.  We love their Mellow Mint CBD Drops ($59.95) for stress/tension relief.  These are 1,000mg of CBD for fast acting help with your mood.  I personally keep this in my desk at work “just in case”.  The peppermint oil is heaven.  We also love their muscle recovery balm is great for your muscle joint/pain.  You can apply every few hours; great for after your gym visit.

Check these awesome products out!