Review UTTY

Ok so our kids probably are all getting a ton of sports supplies over the holidays and where will they all be stored? I know in my house; they will land all over the floor.  LOL.

We all need a storage solution STAT.  Enter UTTY and my house just got about 100% more organized.  This wonderful product requires just a one time assembly.  It is super lightweight and very easy to use.

Fun facts: you actually get better use out of your equipment by taking better care of it.  I tell my kids this all the darn time.  My sweaty teen comes home all the time with his gear in just a “disgusting condition”.  By hanging them, we actually cut down on the growth of mold, mildew and bacteria.  I actually very easily spray down his pads etc. and they dry perfectly and are ready for the next day.

If you have a player in travel sports: you can easily install the UTTY in a hotel closet so you can take this on the go and have the same set up away as you do at home.  Pricing is $35 (srarts at $45 if you want custom/team items).

I can’t believe we went all this time without this fantastic item!  Grab one today!