5 Products To Help You!

These days you cannot be too careful or take care of yourself enough!  Love this gig and how I get to try out all these new things; here are a few goodies my household is loving!

DermSol-MD Face & Body Wipes: Think about it; how great would it be to have individually wrapped wipes to take with you no matter what the day brings?? These are amazing as they are free from alcohol and chemicals that dry your skin yet they destroy harmful bacteria and viruses.  They prevent the spread of superbugs and can be used on hands, arms, face and mouth.

Mouth Kote Dry Mouth Spray: This is your personal oral moisturizer that is safe to swallow and has a yummy lemon lime taste.  This is great for anyone who suffers from dry mouth; especially at night!

Pretz-MD Saline Nasal Spray: here is a saline nasal spray that kills 99% of Human Coronavirus, MRSA, Strep, Staph and more.  Like basically everyone needs to run and buy this now!  We all can use a saline spray from time to time and this one seems to cover everything that worries us!  Super easy to use, shake, spray and feel better!

Pharmstrong Hemp Extract Multivitamins: here is another great company that brings you quality CBD products that are not addictive/toxic, will not get you “high” and that you can trust.  You are in awesome hands no matter which of their wonderful products you pick!

K’dara CBD Oil: this is pharmaceutical grade, full spectrum, organic CBD oil.  I love this oil so much! The mint flavor tastes pretty good and all you need to do is place 1ml dropper under your tongue and hold it for a minute before swallowing the contents.  This is Full-spectrum CBD extract with hemp seed oil and peppermint extract.  It almost immediately relaxes me and curbs my anxiety right when it starts.

chil wellness products:  ok so are sampling a few of their great items and love each and every one of them.  This is doctor-formulated CBD relief for everything that ails you.  Stress relief, back/neck pain – even headaches!  The hubby is loving the pain relief products.  Mellow Mint Drops (under the tongue and feel less physically tense in seconds.  He is using the maximum relief salve a few times a day (right on the spot that is hurting him and definitely before bed) and he says it really making a difference.  I’m kind of adoring their essential oil rollers; this is 300 mg CBD relief and you don’t have to worry about what you are applying to your body.  I grab my good night roller and its off to dream land I go after a crazy day at work.  Other great options also available!