Grizzly – I’m now a fan of coolers!

I never realized before this story that there was such a thing as cooler fanatics. There are people who, it seems, become fans of certain types of coolers, and they will argue and discuss the variance in said coolers almost as intently as a religion.


I think the reason that I never initially was a fanatic is I always basically had the same 1970s cooler that had a straightforward function in the universe and nothing more. They keep stuff cold.


The Grizzly, however, is another level cooler. It is rotomolded, which is a rather big word meaning built well. These things are made so well they can even hold dry ice, which I learn the hard way that not all coolers can hold.


They even have other features, but you would typically not think of like a 2-inch drain plug. Am I mention the fact that has a 2-inch drain plug on its own? Yes, usually wouldn’t talk about such things, but it kind of expresses quality of design anything how this thing is built and taking in account and one might need to empty it rather quickly.


Overall this is a clearly well-built cooler in the kind of thing that is gone to last quite some time. Now having used it, I can see why some people can be quite a bit of fan of coolers.

I also love that they’re right there on Amazon.

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