Why We All Need A Safe Travels Kit

The World is slowly opening back up and we are all slightly dabbling back into traveling or taking our family vacations.  The warmer weather is coming and with that means we are going to hopefully take our kids away for some must need R&R after an entire year of virtual/partially virtual learning.

Even though we are all super careful these days you really can never be too careful.  I have been researching like crazy the proper items to take aboard a plan (sorry folks…this momma is still quite grossed out) and I was thrilled to be asked to check out this awesome Safe Travels Kit.  This is your extra added layer of safe and the only antimicrobial travel seat cover on the market.  The kit will give you the peace of mind you really need during times like this.  They fit economy and business seats and work on in cars, trains and planes.  They are antimicrobial and anti-allergen.  They are bed bug proof, washable, reusable and waterproof; honestly what can’t this kit block!?!  Tucked inside you will get (1) adjustable seat cover, (1) pillow case, (10) sanitizing wipes and (1) face mask.  The wipes (85% alcohol) are awesome and sturdy for disinfecting armrests, buckles, screens, tray tables and more.  Everything fits in this lightweight travel pouch for wash and reuse on your next trip.  You can get yourself one of these for yourself and your entire family for $40 ($50 if you want to have the pillowcase monogrammed).  You can purchase yours very easily right here.