6 Different Drinks for Your Next Family Brunch

What’s a better way to bond with the family than a Sunday brunch? Going out can be super expensive, so getting creative at home can be fun and on the cheaper side. We gathered six of our favorite alcoholic (for the grown-ups) and non-alcoholic (for those who want to participate, but legally can’t) drinks to quench your thirsts this weekend. Grab your avocado toast recipes and skip the boring mimosa’s to have you and your family a fun Sunday treat!

Barefoot Bubbly
Barefoot is one of our favorite brands because it’s affordable and tastes great! Barefoot Wine released a new line of bubbly drinks and champagnes in a dozen new flavors. We recommend the peach, pineapple or pink moscato champagne – alone or as a mixer!





Deor means “Golden” in Italian. Sparkling and Cuvée Deor Pink Sparkling are reminiscent of the opulent Venetian lifestyle during the Republic times, and the bottle represents that era with a beautifully crafted golden design. The unique gold bottle shows wealth and brings good fortune to all who indulge. Deor is fun, flashy and ostentatious, and the perfect choice for a celebration or night out on the town – not to mention it’s delicious.


Surf Swim

Inspired by Southern California’s beach culture, Surf Swim offers sun ripe aromas of peaches and ocean-cooled flavors of pineapple with finishes with waves of banana peels. Surf Swim is also available in to-go cans for on-the-go celebrating!

Tenshen Rose

This wine is beautiful from the packaging to the taste with its brilliant and a vibrant pink color. Phenomenal structure and texture with a very clean, fruity finish from the Central Coast of California with a Rhone style blend, this drink will make everyone at brunch go crazy.




Vivanco Wines

Spanish wines have a delicious and unique taste. We love Vivanco Wines because of their selection of dry, fruity and robust flavored reds and whites. Available in a dozen different styles and flavors, you won’t go wrong with this at your table.




Brew Dr. Kombucha

This is a drink that adults and kids will all like and the best part yet? It’s unbelievably healthy for you! This tea is organic and is made with all natural ingredients – even the jar is biodegradable. Find out more information here.



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