15 Children’s Books for President’s Day

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President’s Day is a fun holiday for kids. Not only do they get a break from school, but it presents an opportunity for learning more about our country’s leaders. Whether you’re a teacher looking for books to supplement your lessons, or a parent wanting to increase your child’s library, our list of President’s Day books for children is full of texts that are both educational and entertaining. Some of the books on our list are about President’s Day itself, while some are about presidents in general. We also included books specifically about George Washington, as well as silly books about our country’s higest office.

Books About President’s Day

1. President’s Day (Robin Hill School) by Margaret McNamara

This is a great learning to read book about a class that learns about President’s Day. One thing to keep in mind when reading this book, however, is that it was published in 2010, meaning that the current president at that time was Barack Obama.


2. Let’s Celebrate President’s Day by Barbara deRubertis

This book compares the lives of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln so that children become aware of their similar challenges and characteristics of leadership. It’s a great read for children ages 6 – 10.

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