Cocktail Bomb Shop: Hot Chocolate Bomb or Cocktail Bombs? Yes

image of boxes of cocktail bomb shop's hot chocolate bomb and holiday variety pack cocktail bombs

Spice up your holiday party this season with some fun drinks.  Now I’ve offered hot chocolate to my friends who are drinkers and they weren’t having it.  This season I can offer them Cocktail Bombs.  Granted, the bombs themselves don’t have alcohol, however, you can add your own.  Making drinks will be fun this holiday season!

What’s included in the cocktail bombs?

 6 holiday-inspired Cocktail Bombs-

  • Christmas Coconut Margarita Glimmer Bomb
  • Cranberry Lemonade Glimmer Bomb
  • Jack Frost Glimmer Bomb
  • Holiday Mule Glimmer Bomb
  • Santa’s Secret Cocktail Bomb
  • Frosted Cranberry Cocktail Bomb

Ready for your cocktail?

You can drink with or without alcohol.

Once you unwrap the cocktail bomb, drop it into 6 ounces of sparkling water, wait five minutes for the bomb to dissolve and create the pretty colors, then add ice and alcohol. It’s simple and great fun for a party.

Now, if you prefer good old-fashioned hot chocolate with a twist, the Cocktail Bomb Shop offers different-sized packs. The hot chocolate is also color-changing. This will be the hit of the party. Basically, unwrap, stir in warm milk, watch the color-changing action and enjoy!

The Chocolate Bomb Shop offers a variety of fun flavors to choose from and they also make a great holiday gift. Pack it in a basket with some seltzer, a glass, and your choice of liquor, and watch them enjoy it!  The website also offers some tasty to try cocktail recipes.

They really are the BOMB!