Sparkle Mat Review

image of a woman lying on her back with eyes closed, in a resting position, on a sparkle mat

I am forever skeptical when it comes to New Age products and products that proclaim healing. Maybe I am the type of person who just loves to take an aspirin, or hell, after a long night, a glass of wine to reduce the stress.

Sparkle Mat is a mat filled with amethyst and hot stones with the premise being that the stones and crystals have healing properties. It’s an interesting situation because so many people will swear by crystal therapy and gem therapy.

In addition, the website says the mat will heat up pounds of amethyst and tourmaline crystals which will create over 1500 negative ions per square inch. I even watched the video they had on their site about Dr. Oz proclaiming his feelings on pulsed electromagnetic field therapy, otherwise known as PEMF.

On one hand, you can obviously tell I’m a skeptic but now I’m confused. The reason I am a confused skeptic is that so many people have given this 4.5 stars on Amazon. I went through literally hundreds of reviews and they’re not simply generic reviews. These are people writing with a passion.

Of course, I love the idea of a heated mat and I obviously love the idea of being able to lie down and rest for 20 minutes without anyone bothering me. The heat certainly makes me quite happy. The combination of the two was definitely not bad.

But I do think that’s possibly the entire point here. You’re not buying this to be convinced of its usage. You’re buying this because you’re conceptually aware of PEMF,  red light therapy, and you felt that this energy healing would be beneficial to you on that basis. It certainly is a nice quality mat and definitely got me warmed up pretty quickly.

If your mindset is to buy this simply to learn about energy therapies, you’re going to walk in the door with a degree of concern and skepticism and certainly will not be happy about a purchase like this.

This is a quality energy healing mat for people who are interested in quality energy healing mats. I guess to me it’s exactly like saying if you’re looking for a restaurant that serves vegan food you’ll be quite happy when you find one, especially a Michelin-star-rated one. If, however, you’re a vegetarian and are led to a restaurant serving steak, you are not going to be happy with what you came up with.

This is for people who have a strong interest in energy healing and want a home unit.