A Tween’s Farewell To Elementary School

I must say as a parent I have never been prouder.  Despite pandemics, quarantines, lack of socialization, her beloved dance competitions cancelled; my almost teenage daughter wrote her teaching team such an eloquent farewell to her home of 6 years.
We, as parents have been really worried and stressed over the last few months; did we do the right thing by keeping them away from everyone? Did we let them see their “bestie” too soon?  Reading a piece like this makes me realize these kids are stronger than they think they are and I couldn’t be prouder.

Please read below this wonderfully written essay from my daughter.

Elementary School has provided me with so many great lessons over the past 6 years.  I cannot believe our time here is complete and we are onto Middle School in the fall.  

My teachers have taught me lessons that have made me stronger and more confident in my schoolwork. From first grade when we were learning how to write, to the sophisticated 6th grade math lessons, I have gained the knowledge, tools and structure I will need to continue into Middle and High School.   The learning and perseverance that brought me this far are not the only important things that I have received at school.   We are a family here.  I have made friendships with other students and teachers that I can carry with me no matter where I may go in my life. It does not matter if we have been friends since first grade or we just really got close this year; we have all been through the same exact elementary school journey. No matter what school I go to, they will forever be my school family.   

Although I might not say this directly to some people, I am going to miss everyone very much.  It is so upsetting that we cannot finish our final year altogether. I feel like our time was cut short and we missed out on some great end of year events. I wish I could say goodbye to all of my teachers. I wish I could walk the halls again and laugh on my way to the cafeteria.  I wish we could show our parents and family our school play.  Although the majority of school days, I woke up and argued with my parents about getting ready and starting the day,  it took our current situation to make me realize how much I enjoy walking through those doors every day.  It is my wish that we will get to go back next year and see our teachers and walk through the halls one more time.  

Wherever I go, and whatever I do, I will always remember the two most important lessons I learned here at school: hard work and character counts.  I know as I get older and move into different grades that both those lessons will bring me success.  Working hard will always mean that I take the time to go over my work and submit my very best effort to my teachers. Having good character will help me grab onto important friendships that I could have even when I’m an adult.  I don’t think I can fail by using those two lessons together.  Thank you so much for everything I’ve learned and all the great experiences we have had here!