Aculief Is My Kind Of Relief

We are really just all too stressed out for our own good.  Being a full-time employee of a busy office and 24-7 mommy to my kids (plus taking care of the hubby…ladies…am I right?!) I barely have time to breathe.  And then comes the tension headache; and always at the worst time (like when my kid has a recorder concert).  Honestly I hate taking something for the headache and try my best to go the “all natural” route when I can.  Enter Aculief and I have myself a medicine free option to help cure my headaches or migraines.  This little wonderful finger cuff applies pressure to the L14 pressure point and uses the body’s natural endorphins.

Ok – so here is what you do.  You locate your pressure point and place your Aculief snugly on your non-dominant hand.  The relief is fast – this thing works!  No batteries or expiration date on this wonderful invention!  It will literally last forever!  It will bring you calming relief like you’ve never had before.  The cost is $24.99 so nothing to stop you from buying something for yourself!  Think office gifts, stocking stuffers and more!




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