SoundBub = Mommy’s Bestie

I want to introduce you to my three new friends: Ollie The Owl, Benji The Bear and Bella The Bunny.  Aside from being adorable, they are very useful portable Bluetooth speakers called SoundBub and white noise machines that will lull baby to sleep.  They are made from chew safe materials and the clip up top attaches easily to a stroller, crib or car seat.  It pairs easily (and I do mean easily) to your Bluetooth-enabled device.  It is not at all heavy and has a soft padded cover so no worries about baby getting hurt.  The battery is rechargeable making this a perfect “on the go” or travel option.
I used the voiceshare 2.0 Mobile App (this is a free app) to record myself reading a book (think voice messages also when you are away from your little one and even a lullaby if your vocals are up to it).  I also have a great sleep time play list that will continuously play (you can actually set it for 30-60-90 minute timers) so you never have to worry about turning the speaker on or off.  Each one of these speakers will cost you about $34.99 which is insanely worth the purchase!  Basically what I am telling you is that it pairs/sets up easily, you can customize and even include your own voice for a personal touch and it is safe for baby.

I hope you are already looking it up and making the purchase.  Sweet dreams to all!

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