Aervana is the Newest Wine Aeration Device People Are Searching For

Sure, I’m supposed to tell you about the Aervana which is basically a wine aerator.  Aerating wine is a cool way of adding more flavor to a wine.  Wine experts agree that aerating wines, especially younger, red wines has them tasting smoother and more balanced.

This device is now getting searched for more and more. No seriously, look at the Google Trends. People are searching for crazy for this thing and it’s shockingly peaked on December 31st, 2020. Hmmm, I wonder why people would be thinking of drinking on New Year’s Eve.

Now, what’s so cool about this?

Well first aeration does make a difference. Don’t believe me, read a few articles about it.  People love it.

Secondly, it looks cool and adds a little panache to any wine opening. Then again, nobody is allowed over during a pandemic but you can look at your spouse and feel really cool.

Lastly, I actually liked how this was so much less messy than pouring wine.  It was kind of a quick way of keeping the cap on while not worrying about drunken friends pouring and dropping the bottle.

Did you buy an Aervana over the holidays? Do you find yourself day drinking?

Order one at Amazon.