Hot Logic Max Oven XP Will Have You The Coolest Person At Potluck

These days we are cooking MUCH MUCH more at home; trying new recipes and channeling our inner food enthusiast.  The couple of friends I keep in my “Covid Pod” and I are having a sort of pot luck dinner in a few weeks and we were each assigned either an appetizer, a meal or a dessert.
I of course selected entrée and I decided to whip up a batch of my veggie lasagna roll ups.  But to keep them warm while we chat, drink and snack?!?  I have been testing out a cool product called HOTLOGIC Max Oven XP and this will be the best darn gadget at the dinner.

This is insulated bag meets food warming tote.  It comes in super cute colors and patterns.  It is so easy to use; you can cook or reheat your dish without standing in front of it constantly.  All you have to do is plug it in and continue with your daily activities.  Size is about 9×13 and you can used glass, plastic, metal, aluminum or cardboard containers which is amazing.  According to their website you can actually cook something frozen in this thing which is so crazy cool I can’t wait to try that out.  Imagine your next road trip; holy cow how super convenient.  Think dorm rooms or really any on the go lifestyle out there.  This product doesn’t over heat so no worries about hazards etc.  The cost is just under $70 which makes this your next gift for Mothers Day, Bridal Showers and more!