Alex Winter – Exclusive Interview from Bill and Ted: Face the Music

Bill and Ted came out in 1989 and now only 31 years later we have: Bill & Ted Face the Music. Bill and Ted are both parents now with kids of their own. The feeling of the film has that humor we loved in the first one but now there’s a family dynamic that brings things to a different dynamic. It’s an amazing film that really can connect the dots and bring the movie we loved as kids back to something relatable to our kids.

I interview Alex Winter on his relationship in the film and his feelings on family.

MS) Would you say Bill is a good parent?

AW) I do think Bill and Ted are both good dads. They’re supportive of their wives, and present and respectful with their daughters. Family and community mean everything to Bill.

MS) Somebody once said you only learn to be a parent after having been one? Is this true?

AW) I think you learn to be a parent by being one. It’s an active experience and one with continual rewards and personal growth for the parent.

MS) Do you feel this is a film that families can enjoy together through these rough times?

AW) The message of the Bill and Ted movies, to be excellent and party on, is a good one for any time and for any age. We didn’t know the world would be suffering through a pandemic when we made the film, but we did make the film with families in mind and we hope it brings them some joy during this challenging time.

MS) You said in an interview once: “My experience in Jersey is really anchored in more healthy, normal childhood experiences…” . What do you feel parents can do to help their children have that throughout these wonderful pandemic times?

AW) I have kids so it’s been a learning experience for me, how to parent during the pandemic, with the kids home and doing school off a computer. I’ve found that what’s grounded our kids is to not sugar coat what’s going on but not to overwhelm them with negativity either. We do a lot of things as a group, and we talk about what’s going on and the challenges that everyone is facing. But we also make time for lighthearted activities and fun. And we laugh a lot. There is laughter and joy to be had, even in tough times, and it’s important to remember that.

MS) You’ve said the film “starts with the nucleus of the family”. Families are so spread apart, some are divorced, and some are including others (Like you have with Ted in this movie). How do you build that nucleus of family and define family?

AW) Families are different for everyone, but however those are defined, a family should be lead by people who treat each other and the children with love, acceptance and respect. A family should have an internal foundation of dignity and support that doesn’t waiver. These values hold true, whether this family is made up of blood relatives or of close friends.