Top CBD Gummies

CBD Gummies are super popular and basically taste like candy. I can’t warn you enough to not leave CBD Gummies by the kids! They taste and look like candy. That said, these are growing in popularity as an easy way to get CBD into your life.

Outlawz sour apple

These are One of the best gummies I’ve tasted. Be careful; it’s pretty addictive in terms of taste.  Both of them seem to have a real candy taste to them, which is quite impressive.






Green Roads

And the award for the most unique gummy goes to Green Roads.  These things look the part. I mean look at the photo, the frog looks like a frog.  I also love the individual packets. You can throw these right in a purse without a problem.







Kind Labs
Serenity Chews

These chews with the magnesium are the perfect mix for a good night’s sleep.  The combo of magnesium and CBD are pretty much an excellent formula to help you sleep and have an excellent next day.








Canna Reserve

These are totally different flavors and distinct in their own right. I love the look, the taste, and how they are named after famous songs. Canna Reserve is serious about their product, as you can tell simply with a few minutes of research and look at their website. I love it when a company is serious about its products.








Molly Jones

These are cute little gumdrops that basically taste as good as they look. These guys get an A+ for presentation. Each of the colors you see has a different flavor, taste, and dosage.







Swanson’s Vitamins

Swanson’s Vitamins have a nice variety and mix on their website.  I love the idea that they have so many choices.  For example, Charlotte’s Website has ingredients for digestive help.  The CBD-MD has a nice tasty CBD Mix.   The shop has a nice variety to cover whatever you’re looking for in one stop shopping