Aubert & Amandine Candles

Now more than ever we need a little personal time and therapy.  I really really need some mommy time in the bath tub, glass of wine, no kids, no noise.  I feel like that is NEVER happening LOL so I’ll take a little aromatherapy when I can get it.  Enter Aubert & Amandine and we are well on our way to some strong relaxation.  This company is all about creating a better life at home with beauty and luxury in mind.  Yup; I’ll take it!  Make me a sign with those words exactly on it!

These candles are high quality with all natural soy wax and cotton wicks.  This is aromatherapy essential oils/fragrance delivering exactly what we need after a hard day at work/with kids at home.  I am personally adoring their “elegance” line that contains 3 wick candles with very strong messages.  “Calm” (lavender vanilla), “Relax” (sandalwood jasmine), “Renew” (lilac), “Joy” (ylang ylang), “Peace” (bergamot cedar) and “Refresh” (lavender sage peppermint) are the real-deal spa like experience in your very own home.  For just under $26.00 I can assure you the “world and day around you” will fade away as you breath in the fantastic aroma.  Even the packaging depicts luxury.  This means it will be a great gift too for the upcoming holidays!  Check them out!