Amazon Video Storage Review

amazon video

This week, it was announced that Amazon Drive cut support to all file types except for photos and videos. If you’re using Amazon Photos to watch your photos and videos on TV, the following is an overview of the pros and cons of using the Amazon Photos app, specifically for video storage.

First of all, there is the obvious reason why one would use Amazon Photos for a backup. And that is it just being a backup in and of itself. There are many backup services, and comparing this one to others, it’s roughly equal. But the limitation is it is only backing up your photos and videos. Other services such as iDrive or Dropbox will back up everything. On this front, it really doesn’t compare to an all-in backup solution.

The major advantage of Amazon Photos displaying your videos is that the interface is rather intuitive and easy to use. If you’re using an Amazon fire stick, it really is just logging in on the fire stick and pulling up whatever videos you want.

Amazon Photos does display your videos by date pretty effectively. And using your remote, you can dictate straight into the phone.

It doesn’t however have the intelligence it does with the photos. With photos, you could ask it to find a photo of a blue shirt or a beaver or anything, and it will find it. With videos, it seems to be missing the location intelligence. It does not seem to know where the video was taken.

Overall, I think the only advantage is the interaction with your Amazon fire stick. If you’re looking for an exceptionally easy way to display videos, then this can work. But when compared to other backup solutions, you’re really just paying to have an easier way of displaying them.

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