EVXO Cosmetics Review


My mom is finally letting me wear a little makeup and I am super excited.  This week, I tried out some great cosmetic options from EVXO Cosmetics with my friends.  These are organic, vegan, and gluten-free products.  Teenagers suffer from skin problems and I am happy to report here that these products actually “heal” your skin and leave it softer than when you started. I can safely use them every day without issue.

Makeup items we loved:

Foundation Sample Packs – The cost is about $12 and they come in options for light, medium, medium/deep, and deep skin tones.  This is a great way for you to test out what works best for you.  I personally loved how the light pack introduced me to Sea Shell, my perfect match!

Strength N’ Length Mineral Mascara – Your lashes will look great and actually be healthier too in the process.  No harmful chemicals here!  Great for my sensitive eyes and no issues with clumping and smudging like the other chemical-filled brands out there.  Cost is $22.99.  Oh, and I also want to mention my morning application lasted the whole school day.

Vegan Cheek Palette – We all had a lot of fun trying this out.  These powders are really vibrant and pretty colors and they sort of give you this air-brushed look.  Also lasts all day long!  I use a sponge to apply easily.  This product is gentle on your sensitive skin.  It costs about $30.

Organic Lemon Lip Scrub – So my mom stole this one from me.  The smell and taste are just amazing here.  It has food-grade lemon flavor, avocado oil, organic sugar, and Vitamin E.  You just apply and wipe off; soft lips here we come.

Other great cosmetics too like lipsticks, cheek tints, eye shadows, and more!  Check them out.