Ojala Threads – helping the children of the South Bronx

Born in South Bronx of New York City, the children of Mott Haven do not have it easy. This community is plagued by poverty and crime. Ramona, a first-generation Dominican American born in New York City, has created Ojala Threads, a clothing line that reflects the heritage of the children of this community. The company has 4 core values: honoring the ancestors, defending the vulnerable, doing good, and defending the land.

Each design of Ojala Threads is a piece of the mosaic that makes up the identity of the children of South Bronx. Ojala Threads helps the next generation understand how complex and beautiful their history is. A blend of Africa, Europe, and Tainos (the indigenous peoples of the Caribbean), their cultural heritage is rich and beautiful.

Ojala Threads

And now you can help support the children of this community, keep their culture alive, and really make a change. With each purchase on Ojala Threads, you can pick an organization that is making a difference in the South Bronx. One percent of your purchase will be going to that organization. Through this, you can really help the children of the South Bronx.

Ojala Threads offers apparel for adults and baby products. You can also directly choose the Taino icons. The picture in this article is of the Agua icon. Its spirals represent the storms that certainly battered their islands in pre-Columbian times. The symbol was used interchangeably to represent water. Agua is life. Water connects, forms shapes, and destroys at will. Other symbols are the Buyiri, Palma, Atabey, and Sol.

Should you wish to learn more about this fascinating culture, Ojala Threads has some great books for young and old.