Amba heated towel rack

There is a unique pleasure in a warm towel. It’s one of those things one rarely gets because honestly, who really is elitist enough to have a towel warmer. Usually I do it by throwing my towel over the radiator and pray to God it does not ignite into flames. My wife seems to frown upon this behavior.


What’s cool about Amba heated towel rack are they basically can stand on their own and plug right in. This illuminates two major problems. The first of course, is I’m not about to drill into the walls for a towel rack. The second is that I really am not handy enough to do electrical work so I find the plug and play feature quite useful. Most times, that I’ve seen an electric towel warmer required having the electrician break  through the walls causing a great degree of stress.


So overall, is this necessary for my function in life?




But having a warm towel gives me the feeling of being better than my neighbors and makes me feel like I’m a better man.  So if you’re interested in one yourself, and basically I take it out of the box situation that is as easy as ordering from Amazon.

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