BelleFixe Reviews

Headbands are my go-to on bad hair days as a pretty headband also often ties an outfit together quickly. I have an entire large drawer of just headbands. I love Bellefixe Hair accessories because they have a large variety of headband styles, colors, and patterns. Many of the headbands have beautiful designs on the inside. They are well made of really lovely fabrics for an affordable price. I love how they fit me because they are not too tight and position well- no headaches! Some headbands are designed for people who have a perfect sphere-shaped head, and I do not know anyone who fits in that category.


My favorites are the knotted headbands, as they give my rounder face some length. I love the Floral Collection Wildflowers Knotted Headband as it goes with many items in my closet. My next headband purchase will be the Vegan Leather Snakeskin Knotted Headband.


Besides their killer headbands, Bellefixe sells high-quality hair tie sets, providing a variety of holds. They range from colorful to chic and, of course, sell scrunchies as well- bracelet or hair tie? I digress. The hair ties with built-in scarves add that little extra touch to the accessory.


I really like the hairpins for that special occasion where you don’t want to go to a salon to get your hair done. They add some sparkle to your at-home hairstyle; think bling and pearls. Bellefixe also carries essential pins and clips.


I highly recommend Bellefixe products for their quality and style.