Upright GO S for an Upright Back

Straighten your back! Stand up tall! Don’t slouch! I’ve heard these all my life. To be honest, I never really learned how to stand up tall- I’m 5’4” and standing as tall as I can. All kidding aside, my posture is not the best. I was the student in college who the professors thought was not paying attention due to my posture. They would call on me, and I would know the answer, but this got me thinking, do I look lazy or unfocused?


So I started to do muscle work and yoga, but nothing seemed to make lasting changes, maybe because I was tired of muscle work and yoga, and I just don’t have the time. I’m using Upright GO S now as it doesn’t involve extra time. It is a device you stick to your upper back and provides feedback through vibration when you are not using optimal posture. It calibrates posture based on your body and usual positioning.  On my first day, it vibrated practically nonstop. The device works with an app that provides goal setting and daily statistics, making it more fun and slightly rewarding.


It vibrates less after a week of use, and my shoulders don’t hurt as much as usual. I am definitely going to continue use as I see it is making a difference.