American Girl: Melody

My daughter adores the beautiful dolls and stories behind the entire American Girl line!  Each doll is from a different time period and are completely rich in history and authenticity.  I love being able to read the wonderfully written books that come along with them and explaining a little of what “life was like” during the time her new friend is/was growing up in.  Her collection is rapidly growing and I am actually thrilled that along with the collection her mind is expanding as well!

In addition to their “Girl Of the Year”, “Bitty Baby” and “Truly Me” doll selections, American Girl has a BeForever line which  is so awesome I don’t mind letting her scoop up all of them.  Each doll and her story books feature what is going on in her world and the positives and challenges that come along with it.  There are dolls from the 1800’s (Addie who escapes slavery) early 1900’s (Samantha), the 1950’s (Maryellen) and up through the 1970’s (Julie).  We are adding Melody to our collection this holiday season and exploring 1964.  Melody is growing up in 1964 and is really excited to have all people have equal rights.  She has a beautiful voice, is musical at heart and a wonderful role model who helps out at her church and around her town.  What is super great is the fact that this collection uses true historically accurate information and brings it all together with today’s technology (digital apps, online games and more).  This beautiful line of dolls and accessories truly allows these pieces of history to last “forever”.  No matter which doll you choose as your little girls “first”, please know they will cherish this doll and love learning all about their new friend.  For more information and to purchase please visit:




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