Muuna Cottage Cheese

I am forever on the hunt for a healthy lunch option at work.  I can’t stand all the processed meats and cheeses and quite honestly can’t spend $100 a week on lunch delivery to the office anyhow.  Enter the wonderful cottage cheese ups from Muuna and suddenly my world is awesome again.  This is a new company, featuring healthy single-serve cup options in flavors like strawberry, blueberry, pineapple (my favorite), peach, mango and low-fat plain.  These are totally filling and only cost you around 130 calories and they pack a 15g protein punch.  There is zero high-fructose corn syrup and absolutely no artificial flavor.  Like I am not kidding: this cup fills me up and I am not snacking as much at all.  Side note: the mango is also pure “workday slump” heaven.

So each day for the last week I have been taking these to work for lunch.  Honestly, as a child, my mom force-fed us cottage cheese and this is just so much better.  The flavor is rich and indulgent, while the addition of the fruit is the perfect complement and “sweet” add-on.  Super creamy and zero guilt; is that even allowed?!?  For more information please visit:



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