Amope Pedi Perfect

I have a great item for the mom in your life for Mother’s Day: Amope’s Pedi Perfect.  Basically this is a rechargeable foot file that brings pedicure luxury treatment straight into your home!  I was a skeptic at first; I really just like heading to the nail salon for my hour of personal time but this was so easy!  Literally you can use this product wet or dry ( I initially used it dry but will totally be taking this into the bath world this week)!  There are two-speed options to choose from and with cordless charging how can you go wrong.  Grab your Amope, turn it on and off you go.  After a winter of wearing boots, my feet needed to have the hard skin buffed away and this item worked effortlessly.  This worked so well and my feet were smooth and soft all ready for flip-flops even after one use.  The Pedi Perfect retails for around $36 and will save you so much on pedicures out of the home!  Give it a try and learn more by visiting 


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