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My kids just like so many others enjoy playing a variety of games and mind building skills on their iPad tablets.  It was a true pleasure these last few weeks to have them try out some new and innovative apps known as Peppy Pals.  We immediately met up with “Reggy” the playful pup his emotions.  They learned to maneuver and act upon Reggy’s immediate feelings of anger, sadness, happiness and more.  In Peppy Pals Farm and Peppy Pals Beach, we were treated to even more fun friends, all who needed some help along the way.  How super endearing it was to finally see a game/app that “DID IT RIGHT”.  My kids were having so much fun helping animals cross rivers, grab a snack, head down a slide and more that they fell right into learning the valuable concept of “empathy”.  No matter which story-line we were following, these wonderfully color and playful friends kept their interest.  My kids  held the key to helping with any issue that comes up and how wonderful that they go to school and apply those actions there as well.  Helping friends is the most important social skill I can think of!  And I want to point out, that a parent, this is a game that you never have to worry about the content of.  A really refreshing experience!  These apps are really easy to use and suitable for ages 2-6.  They require no text or wording making them user-friendly for all.  These apps in my opinion take us one step closer to the world we strive for without bullying and leaving peers out.

peppy pals

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