Crown Royal Rye Whisky

For the Whisky/Rye enthusiast dad in your life, a perfect and quite relaxing Father’s Day gift this year may be the wonderful Northern Harvest Rye Whisky  from Crown Royal.  This is actually 2016’s Whisky Of The Year (Jim Murray’s Annual Whisky Bible) and quite the honor for the good people at Crown Royal.  My home has been a huge fan of the company for year’s now but my husband will say that there really isn’t a richer, smoother and quite honestly more perfect rye on the market.  It was a true pleasure to have him mix a cocktail and review it this weekend.  He immediately tastes a creamy sweet hint of butterscotch, vanilla and spices.  I actually had to take a taste based on his ear to ear grin and while I am usually not a hard liquor person at all, I could see myself enjoying an ounce or so on the rocks on a breezy spring or summer evening.  It was delicious; so well made and a true treat for us hard working people.  I would consider picking a bottle or two up as a gift for the whisky/rye fan in your life.  Definitely worth experiencing feeling like the “royalty” we do!

You should absolutely visit their website

for more information and of course to see the other wonderful varieties they also offer.  Oh and great recipes you will surely want to try!

crown royal

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