The Ancestry DNA services is an interesting competitor to’s service. On one hand, I find it interesting that they both use their own algorithms and come up with slightly different genetic backgrounds. That said, the’s service ties into their own database which really makes it worth it. Without the subscription, it’s interesting, but to get the full value you really want to connect with the genealogy research.

Why? It’s basically a piece to an ongoing process. For example, I’ve found about 20 genetic matches, but that said, where do they actually connect? It’s great info, but it takes that process of connecting the dots to take it to the next level.
I’m actually in the process of going through the family tree now and really connecting the dots. Maybe these matches that are 3rd cousins are actually 6th cousins and maybe there are cousins right around the door.

So in summary, for the rough knowledge, i.e. you’re Italian, Irish or whatever… it gets it to you right out of the box. (Well after a few weeks of genetic testing). To really turn it into something amazing is where you want to research and connect the dots in you own family tree. Then it’s amazingly worth it.

So check back in a few months where I do another update on who I connected to and who I found.

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