The Gameknight999 Box Set

Attention Minecraft lovers: I have a great book/box set recommendation for you!  Author Mark Cheverton brings us “The Gameknight999” Box Set featuring 6 stories/adventures based on the beloved, creative video game.  Cheverton, a former teacher created the book series as a result of his son, a minecrafter, being bullied in cyberspace on his Minecraft server.  The series which started as a way to teach his child about the dangers of bullying has turned into a New York Times bestselling extravaganza!  I love love the creativity of these adventures and my child whom I usually have to push a bit into reading glides perfectly from book to book.  Lead character “Gameknight999” is forced into the digital game world by his father’s invention and lives out the very adventures he spends so much time building on his screen.  He begins his battle to keep enemies from destroying the land and taking over his game as entry into real life.  Super creative invasions, war and trouble ensues with your favorite zombies, endermen and creepers of course!  Also wonderful are the friends “Gameknight999” meets along the way. This series is so real that you actually feel like you are playing the game!  Perfect as a gift this holiday!   For more information please visit  The series can be purchased on amazon:  It retails for around $28.00.


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