Finding Neverland at the Lunt-Fontanne Theater

finding_neverlandLiving so close to New York City affords us the flexibility to take our daughter to a Broadway Show whenever one calls to us.  Being a big Peter Pan fan we thought our daughter would love to see Finding Neverland.  She loves to hear how things develop and Finding Neverland does just that.  It is the story of J.M. Barrie and how he came to write Peter Pan.  It is a show for children my daughter’s age of 8 and older since there are topics touched on like a parent’s death. She loved watching the fairy fly and the comedic antics of Barrie’s domestic staff.

We really enjoyed watching the four boys who played the young sons of Sylvia.  They were very talented, sang beautifully and conveyed so many deep emotions through their acting.  My daughter of course loved the dog who is the inspiration for the nanny in Peter Pan.  I enjoyed seeing many of these connections. One of the four boys is named Peter and he is a bit too grown up in the beginning of the show. I will tell you I shed a tear or two. Finding Neverland stars Matthew Morrison (Glee) as J.M. Barrie and Laura Michelle Kelly (Mary Poppins) as Sylvia.  If you’ve watched Glee you already know the versatile talent of Matthew Morrison and we were lucky to see Kelly as Mary Poppins and as an amazing talent as well.  She portrays her character with much depth and sincerity. Speaking of Mary Poppins, Julie Andrews took her grandchildren to see the show and absolutely loved it.

If you find yourself in New York City I highly recommend taking your family to see Finding Neverland.

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