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I am super into essential and body oils these days so I was thrilled when asked to give some of the US Organic products a try!  Each organic oil spray retails for under $15 and each have different uses and benefits but they are all awesome!  Coconut oil is the best; quite honestly so many great uses but my favorite is straight out of the shower so great for your skin!  Oh and it smells amazing!  “YlangYlang Flower Oil” is so soothing and yummy you will be addicted in seconds!  Don’t get me started on their “Bulgarian Rose Oil”; I spray it and rub into my semi-damp skin more than once a day and I feel like I am transported into a flower shop.  So light and fresh and actually calming all at the same time.  “Orange Oil” is perfect for right after your morning shower; it sort of invigorates me into starting my day.  No matter which fragrance you go with you will be thrilled with the quality of soft skin without a greasy aftermath.  I am truly so thrilled with the quality of all of these sprays!  So super great to be using products free of alcohol, parabens, artificial detergents and perfumes!  Just the good stuff coming your way!

For your little ones, US Organic offers two “calendula” options: “Carribean Coconut” and “Unscented”.  They absorb super easily into the skin and I couldn’t be happier with this mess-free option.  Oh and their “deet free organic anti bug spray” is simply a must in my bag from now until the winter!  Basically oil’s are the only active ingredients and combined they form a super anti-bug shield without the gross harsh chemicals.  These are safe to spray on skin or clothing/linen/bedding items.  I always worry about what is in bug sprays I use and finally I am treated to safe and effective option.  Please grab more info by visiting:

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