Artis Monograph Makeup

I’ve always loved cosmetics, especially the wide variety of colors. The Artis Monograph makeup portfolios are beautiful to look at and wear.

The Artis Monograph Pressed Powder Blush Duos Portfolio is very versatile as the colors included can be used as blush, highlighter, or contour. The Monograph Pressed Powder Eyeshadow Quads Portfolio has eight quads for expert contrast and composition. They glide on beautifully and are easy to blend. The Monograph Cream Lipsticks Portfolio includes 16 lipsticks, and the colors are universally wearable. The total value herein is double the price of this portfolio.

Their brushes are just as great. I love the elite oval brushes. An oval brush makes a lot of sense since it matches the shape of your face. These brushes are great multitaskers. The Palm Brush Mini is great if you have difficulty with your hands or are a bit heavy-handed. It is so much easier to control applications with the Palm Brush.

The best part of these kits was the bonding I shared with my teenage daughter oohing and ahhing over the colors and trying new shades. We both stepped out of our makeup comfort zone and had a lot of fun.

If the Artis Monograph makeup portfolios are within your budget, they make great gifts for the budding makeup artist in your life.