Dogily, Matching Accessories for You and Your Pet


For all dog and cat lovers out there! Have you already thought about the Christmas gift for your best friend? What about a combo gift? One for your pet and mom? Dogily has matching accessories for dog and cat moms and their four-legged besties! The Pet & Owner matching jewelry from Dogily is beyond showing your friendship, but also a form of expressing your style and identity together!

Best Friend Sets

Dogily has plenty of necklaces with matching pet tags for your cat or dog! The Lillia Best Friend Set features a beautiful butterfly. The Elin Best Friend Set has a heart design. And no need to just have one pet tag with one necklace, you can also get an extra tag for a highly reduced price! We love the Bold Initial Best Friend Set! Get the first letter of your name on your necklace, and give your furry friend the first letter of their name! Made out of stainless steel, with an 18K PVD Gold finish, this set will surely make you stand out!

Bundle Sets

The Bundle Sets feature silk hair accessories for both mom and pet! In the picture, you can see the Serene Set. This set includes a square scarf, a hair scarf, and a scrunchie, all with a two-tone diagonal stripe design, a timeless color combination with endless styling options! Tie the scrunchie on a high ponytail and knot the rolled scarf around your dog’s neck. Or give your bestie a classic look with the scarf around his shoulders in a traditional triangle form, and you put the hair scarf in a nice bow around your neck. You and your dog will have never looked so stylish walking around town! Choose between the six different designs Dogily has to offer!


Or get your dog a luxurious leather collar with a built-in spot for your AirTag, to prevent tragedy from happening. It enables you to easily track the location of your pet in case it accidentally gets out of your sight. Walk with style and carefree! Get this beautiful collar now for only $59.99! They come both in brown or black. The collar from Dogily features a solid gold latch and is made of 100% cow leather, soft to wear and non-irritative to the skin, great for pets to wear in all weather conditions.

Dogily truly is your one-stop shop for luxurious matching accessories for you and your furry friend! If you sign up for the newsletter of Dogily, you will get 15% off your first purchase!