Artizan Joyeria Review

There is something inherently difficult in writing about jewelry. Mostly because it starts off in a simple place where you’re basically saying the jewelry is nice. Generally speaking, jewelry is always nice. Of course, it is nice, otherwise it really probably wouldn’t be doing a good job of being jewelry.

There is something, however, rather unique to the products from Artizan Joyeria. At first, you don’t know what it is because it is just the quality and/or the style of the jewelry. But what makes this unique is it continually follows this certain indescribable flavor. It has this quality to it that makes each of the pieces, although unique, follow the same nature and artistic flair.

As you can see the jewelry is rather thick by design…but I hate the word thick. Thick implies a width, which is certainly not a problem. It’s thick in terms of having depth to it. It’s not like the gold chains one would see on 86th St. in Brooklyn worn by the latest gangsters. This is thick to show the quality of the material as well as the quality of any style of the piece.

Now, I don’t anticipate that this will come across until you see it in person, but the products at Artizan Joyeria certainly have the weight of presence. I know that’s an abstract concept but it’s the closest thing I could think of.

The only possible downside I could see to this jewelry is that it will taint your view of other jewelry styles. Do you want everything to be in the style of this Artizan Jewelry? In fact, I’m thinking now how many chains, for example, I have that barely can hold a breath of air—chains themselves which seem to have been designed as if the motive is to have them break in my bare hands. This style is just so different from those. I think I’m forever going to prefer to have a piece that has its depth like this.