Avalon Organics

I love to discover a new beauty/spa product line and this one comes just before the holidays!  Avalon Organics has so many great items to fix all that ails us.  Wrinkle Therapy Cleansing Oil is a great product to “rid your skin of your day”.  This oil comes complete with CoQ10 & Rosehip and magically is removing my makeup and rinsing my skin.  These products are 100% organic and I felt so smooth; no harsh after effects.  In the morning, I use Brilliant Balance (with lavender & prebiotics) which brightens and re-balances my skin.  Like I mentioned before, I am really sensitive and these products are perfect!  I have a bottle of Rejuvenating Rosemary hand and body lotion both at home and the office which combine shea butter with wonderful essential oils to make my skin smooth and super soft.

For my hair that certainly takes a beating from styling and heat treatments, I am so happy to provide it with the treatment of Damage Control Shampoo & Conditioner.  Both are packed with awesome argan oil and other oils and proteins to renourish my hair, replenish the shine and protect from future styling and aging damage.  (I leave the conditioner in a for a few minutes for an extra soft feel).  Finally, a wonderful treat and stocking stuffer is their Intense Defense line.  Antioxidant Oil I massage on my skin each evening to help restore my youthful glow.  This is argan, raspberry and apricot oils at their best and locks in softness all day long.  Oil-Free Moisturizer is fantastic hydration without the greasy after effects.  I love the feel and the scent of this cream; this reminds me so much of my grandmother’s night cream I tried out as a child.  Please-please-please check out this line of organic products: http://www.avalonorganics.com/en/.

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