Fisher-Price® Bright Beats BeatBowWow ™


With bright lights and a musical beat, the name Fisher-Price® Bright Beats BeatBowWow ™ describes this toy perfectly. It’s body is made of sturdy plastic, but the ears and tail are soft. This makes it easy for the baby to grab hold and squeeze. Grabbing them doesn’t make anything happen, though. It’s just a texture feature. The tail lights up and sways back and forth, which is pretty cool. The tummy also lights up, VERY brightly. Other than the tail, the only part that moves is BeatBowWow’s head. It sways back and forth too. When the head and tail move, that is the “dancing.”

BeatBowWow has two buttons the baby can push, one on each paw. Sometimes it plays music, sometimes is sings, and sometimes it says short phrases. The music has a house-beat to it. I found that a little surprising, but it does encourage dancing. BeatBowWow’s voice is cute as it sings and gives dance move directions like “Wag your tail now!” It mentions colors and some of the songs count to three. Numbers and colors are also printed on the soft ears and tail. That’s the extent of it’s “educational” value.

Fisher-Price® Bright Beats BeatBowWow™ was designed to be the companion of the popular BeatBo toy. They look cute together, but don’t interact with each other. All in all, I’d say BeatBowWow is a fun toy for babies.

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