SOZO: So Perfect for Baby Gifts

SOZO USA has an extensive line of clothing for babies that is as it says in their slogan: “For Babies With Style.”  Bright, vibrant colors and soft cotton makes their lines of bodysuits and cap set, jammies, and even towels ideal for holiday gifts for any baby on your list.

I actually used the SOZO ladybug bodysuit and cap set for my daughter’s 1 month pictures, and everyone raved about the adorable outfit.  SOZO has bodysuit and cap sets ranging from a caterpillar to a police officer, princess, superhero, and funny sayings.  The variety in each line makes it easy to find something to match personalities and themes.  I appreciated that the sizes also described how many inches and how many pounds the outfits were good for.

The towel line that SOZO has is the best towel I have found for my baby.  The towels are high quality and much thicker than most baby towels, so my daughter has felt warmer and more comfortable when using her SOZO towel.  The embroidery is impeccable and safe for even using with newborns.  The towels are also larger than normal baby towels, so it easier to wrap her up after baths to comfort her while drying her.

Their baby gown and cap sets have fold over cuffs on the sleeves to make sure baby doesn’t scratch.  I appreciate the elastic on the bottom which makes middle of the night changings easy with no snaps to deal with.  Their sizing again includes how many inches it goes up to, taking the guesswork out of picking a size.  And the adorable factor alone with having a matching cap can not be stressed enough.

The prices on the various items are very reasonable and can be purchased online or in a number of stores that can be located on their website.  The high quality production, whimsical themes, and affordable prices combine to make SOZO an easy and unique gift idea for family and friends.


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