LoveLeggings sells Leggings which cover your Legs

Love LeggingsI’ve been having a crisis of sorts trying to determine how does one write about leggings. By nature they are not inherently magical and generally speaking they accomplish a pretty straightforward task of covering ones legs more tightly then jeans do.

They are not technically elaborate nor is there a story that is quite elaborate. Leggings cover one’s legs. They do that job effectively and are rather straightforward. In fact, the name itself pretty much describes the task. Leggings. They cover your legs. It’s not like we are calling them “Armings” in some halfhearted attempt to trickery.  “Hey try these armings, they cover your leggings.”. Nope, we named them after exactly what they are. Leggings.

Leggings, they cover your legs.

So why are we covering loveleggings?

There is nothing sexy about them. In fact I just took a basic photo there to show that these are in fact leggings and in fact do have the capability of covering ones legs.

And that is pretty much the point of love leggings. They sell leggings. No drama. No bull dinkie.

They don’t have an Instagram feed with gals showing their nether regions. They don’t have some form of BS multi layer marketing. You don’t feel guilty that your ex high school best friend is now begging me to buy their MLM leggings. 

It’s leggings.

They just have leggings.

That and the minor detail that they have 5000 pretty darn good reviews on TrustPIlot. I’m not gonna act like this is even more elaborate of a story and that’s kind the  point.

They sell leggings and they do a good job at that or they wouldn’t have so many ratings. So don’t trust me. Read the reviews and buy leggings if you want your legs covered by leggings.