Back To School Sneakers At A Great Price!

We are all in Back To School shopping mode right now and who doesn’t love quality options at an AMAZING deal!

Check out the awesome sneaker options from AND1 available at Walmart!  They are for little/big girls and come in sizes 1-13.  These babies are athletic high-top (basketball style) sneakers in big and bold colors!  The 90’s are back in full affect and this mom is so excited!  Wait until I tell you the price – they are under $20 ($18.87 to be exact).  They come in two great color options; white/yellow/hot pink and black/hot pink/turquoise.

My fussy diva says they are very comfortable.  They have a traditional lace enclosure and a pretty great padding for their feet.  Very good support which means they will be great for all day/school wear.  They are durable (and trust me; my kid is putting them to the test)!  They wipe clean easily with a damp cloth.  They are not “too girlie” or “too tom-boy”.  They are just perfect.  I know so many of us have that kid who just doesn’t care for the unicorns and rainbows but also doesn’t want a plain tennis sneaker.

Check them out – you can easily order them online and have them just in time for the bus to pull up at your curb!