Back To School With Hustle and Hype

Yup I said it; the boys can go back to school with both “hustle” and “hype”.  I have one smelly teenage boy on my hands so I am always on the hunt for a new body product for him.  For years we have been loving the whole AXE line of body sprays, deodarant/anti-perspirant, body wash and hair care items.  We have to be totally ready for whatever this school year will bring and since it won’t be easy maybe smelling good could be one item off our list of worries.

Better Than The Hype – this is a nice clean and cool scent.  My son immediately loved it.  This is stay dry, 48 hour protection for your teen/man.  This is the perfect option to buy a few; one for your dresser, one for your backpack so you are always prepared.

Non-stop Hustle – same deal.  Quality, long term protection with this awesome fresh scent.  This was my favorite of the array we tried out.  This will work for school, work, the gym or really whatever challenge the day brings.

Wild Bamboo Body Spray:  So this was the best item in the bundle by far.  This is a wonderfully, manly scent that you can easily toss in your car/backpack etc so you have a quick spray for anything the day brings.  We, as women have been doing this for years; love that the boys have this option now as well.

These products are all dermatologist approved and really do last the duration.  Check out for back to school, back to sports (fingers crossed) and even early stocking stuffer purchases!