CheetahTalk Plus Overview

Cheetah Talk Plus is a new device that immediately translates conversations back and forth between any two languages of your choosing. You’ll see in the video we covered below, that he takes only a few seconds to set up and once you set it up the translation is relatively speaking instead. We actually found the translations to be pretty spot on making it extremely useful for restaurants, business meetings, and such.

While you can do translations like this on the phone, I found a handheld device to be a lot quicker and clearer than just using the phone. I also found it more convenient to leave on a restaurant table or the such then switching apps on your phone the whole time. Having a dedicated device made it a lot easier functionally speaking. It works so instant and it’s right in your palm so really the convenience is what makes this worth it more than anything.

Some of the criticism I’ve seen was about how the phone could do the same thing as Cheetah Talk but I don’t think that fairly takes into account that this device being handheld and it’s speed makes a big difference.

Now I just need to be allowed to go and travel!